Stranger than before

01. stranger than before
02. this is me
03. in my igloo
04. without your embrace
05. wait, hope & wonder

06. he's a wild one
07. exit 7
08. wide is the water
09. like the sea
10. so let it rain

gŁnter: after all the bad experience in the making of "everything moves" we were not sure we ever wanted to record another album. but we all thought the new songs were the best we'd ever written, we simply HAD to record them. we started in april 2000 and worked in the studio whenever we had the time, which was not too often. we did the last recording session in the beginning of july, but for several reasons we did the mixes only in november. who cares? the most important words during the recording were NO STRESS, and i think you can hear it. even more than "whatever" this has become exactly the album we wanted to make.

stranger than before

gŁnter: when marc played the middle part to me i thought "we'll never be able to play this decently." three years later we recorded it almost first-take. the only difficult part was a two note guitar line. i think everybody tried to play it: heuler, marc, rupert ... finally annie played it on a distorted keyboard.

Move your tongue inside your mouth
and speak of love and think of us
unlock your life and change your skin
it's new it will be better than it was

but it's stranger than before

Jump this train and look around
kill this day before it's gone
so, move your lips and kiss this night
you are swimming
swimming in my
swimming in my mind

and it's stranger than before

this is me

gŁnter: this is one of the oldest trainleaders songs. it must have been in 1987, when heuler started to play the same four chords over and over again and i started to sing. it took us about two hours to finish the song. it used to be the last encore in our shows for a long time. during the final solo we played faster and faster, ending in a big chaos, in which heuler used his microphone stand to play his guitar, until he entangled himself into his own wire and fell into the drumset, tearing everything and everybody close enough with him.

Willow weeping by the ocean, bloodred tears, in summer frozen
Dirty bubbles on the beach
When I'm walking home in the pale moonlight
Twisted scenes in snarling colours passing in my sight
And the monkey on my shoulders keeps on whistling to the moon
Hanging gardens in my bedroom seem to welcome our sad tune Weeds and waters in my shoes
When I'm walking home in the pale moonlight
Fading pictures of the past are passing in my sight
And the turtle in my pocket keeps on dreaming in the gloom

On my head a red mad cap
On my cap a bad, bad cat
In my cat a rat so fat
On my bed all day we sat

Sunday in a grand sliced sanddune
Reflecting pictures of the new moon
Shining waters in my eyes
When I'm walking home in the pale moonlight
All the long forgotten colours brighten up my mind
And the shadows in the doorway won't be waiting there for me

On my head a red mad cap
On my cap a bad, bad cat
In my cat a rat so fat
On my bed all day we sat
This is me ...

in my igloo

gŁnter: this is one of my favourites. a perfect pop song.

Your feet are cold
so is your nose
your lips are close
to mine I'll take my time
here in my igloo

Your hands are cold
your kiss so sweet
I think we'll stay
forever and one day
here in my igloo

Come with me
she waits so
come with me
she hesitates
It's warm and nice inside
here in my igloo

my castle for this night
here in my igloo

The bears outside
still wait for us
don't be afraid
it's safe and warm inside
her in my igloo

The wind will blow while the penguins dance
you're getting close we don't care what happens outside
not at all
all the girls and all of the boys
they would give a lot to be in our place
in our bed
here in my igloo

without your embrace

gŁnter: i wasn't too fond of this when marc brought it along. but now i'm enthusiastic about the result on the album, and i AM proud of my backing vocals. (i think recording backing vocals is what i enjoy most in making an album. it leaves enough room for creativity and trying things out. and i simply LOVE harmonies).

She gives a smile and changes her face
She's watching the stars and satellites

She moons away, she's lost in her room
in her life, in herself

She shakes the songs of passion and love
out of her mind, out of her heart

she used to dance when she was alone
now she is and she hears the voices humming in her head

There she comes · there she falls
there she goes · there she wants to fade away

There she runs · there she flies
there she glows · there she wants to fade away

She has to wait but silence will come
and cover her up, calm her down

She knows tonight is an endless night
it's getting dark and she wants to leave, wants to vanish now

Even if she wants
there's no way to go
All the doors are closed
there is no way out
Even if she wants
She has gone to far
time is running
she's floating... floating away

wait, hope & wonder

gŁnter: i wrote this for my brother when he was suffering from a severe illness a couple of years ago. it wasn't even intended as a trainleaders song, but marc liked it and i'm happy about what became of it.

You can find the whole wide world in an open book
You can find a mystery in the waters of a brook
You can find the universe in a drop of dew
Or learn about the human race locked up in the zoo

Total darkness, beams of light, yellow, green and red
Up and down and left and right, switchback in your head
I wake up in the dead of night, naked and alone
Find the world around me has turned to sand and stone

I wait, hope and wonder about you
I wait for a wonder with you

Struggling in the undertow you can reach the shore
Even if it's overgrown, you can find the door
Running through the pouring rain, laughing at the cold
I'm not Abel, you're not Cain ...

We can read the whole wide world like an open book
We can dive for mysteries in the waters of a brook

Shrink the entire universe to a drop of dew
Laugh about the human race locked up in the zoo
I wait, hope and wonder with you
I wait for a wonder with you

he's a wild one

gŁnter: another live favourite of mine. this is real fun to play.

He's a wild one a really wild one
A wild one
he's a wild one a really wild
he's the wildest one

He and his girl
they love the road they're riding
He and his girl
they love to travel far - so far

He and his girl
they love the ways they're walking
He and his girl
together they go far - so far

exit 7

gŁnter: this song didn't seem to be anything special at first sight. but after marc had started to play around with it, it sounded great. i just can't sit quietly when listening to it.

Northern darkness has gone
You get hit by the beams of the sun
You try the best that you can
To catch yourself again

Who cares if the stories are true
The sky above you used to be blue
Physically there's nothing wrong
When your feelings get too strong

Ah, you take Exit 7
>From hell to heaven
Ah, it will lead you to somewhere far out
Far away from home

Still the road shows traces of rain
There's something like a buzz in your brain
Speed gets unbelievably high
And your body seems to fly

You've never felt that happy and free
Those other things you don't want to see
But someone's gonna stop you at last
As you're driving much too fast

Ah, you take Exit 7
>From hell to heaven
Ah, it will lead you to somewhere far out
Far away from home

wide is the water

gŁnter: i think this is the best song i've ever written. the others probably won't agree, but i'm rather sure.

I sleep with a gun in my hand
I dream with my eyes open
I'm afraid that something strange might break into my life

One step forward, two steps back
I can't smile with a knife in my back
I can't walk with all the nails you've sown all over the floor

Fine, fine fine
Fine, fine fine
Wide is the water to me
And it's deep
I can't cross it, I can't cross it no more

I've traded wine for water
I've traded pearls for beads
I've traded everything and now there's nothing left

Welcome to my nightmare
Welcome to my private hell
Welcome to whatever you find when spitting on my door

Fine, fine fine
Fine, fine fine
You could throw a lifeline
But you prefer me in my old and leaky boat
Floating downstream

like the sea

gŁnter: funny, how many of the songs we have written during the last few years are about water.

Show me - walk on the water
Show me the way
Show me - something I should know

Call me - louder and louder
Call me once more
Call me - and mybe I will hear

My head is spinning
I want to know
is it allright
for me and you

She's an ocean
She is like the sea - like the stormy sea

Take me - don't ask me why and
Take me away
Take me anywhere you want
and I will - I will follow you

She is like the wind
and the waves
like the water

so let it rain

gŁnter: arranging this one wasn't easy at all and took us ages. i didn't really know what i wanted, or even worse, i knew - but i wasn't able to tell the others. at least i knew what i didn't want. so we just played it again and again until everybody had found his part. before we mixed it, heimo mitterer had the idea with the reversed guitar and made the song sound the way it does now. and rupert did a great job mixing it.

Night is falling, mist is crawling
Up the river while I stand and stare
All is still, when someone's calling
I turn around but I can't see who's there

I ride the wind and walk on water
I'm diving deep into the open sea
One day when I'm old and broken
I'll find out who has guided me

I don't know, how the story ends, don't ask me now
Someone knows how it all turns out

So let it rain upon me now
So let it rain right now

Waves of joy and tears of laughter
Rain on me, I'm waiting for your charms
Hidden treasures, unknown pleasures
Rain on me, I'm here with open arms

I don't know how the story ends, don't ask me now
I don't know how it all turns out

So let it rain upon me now
So let it rain right now

We're like a sparkle in the morning hours
We're like a lonely flickering light
But when we die we don't just fade away
We glow forever in the night

So let it rain upon me now
So let it rain right now

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