Whatever Comes Around

01. whatever comes around
02. you confuse me
03. swallow and smile
04. soon/seven two one
05. the gnome (has got a secret)
06. rasperry surprise
07. painted faces
08. happy mother's day
09. take me on a trip

10. the genius
11. rusty randolph
12. where's the shore
13. hold on
14. hooray, it's over

gŁnter: when marc turned up to say "let's make a record" we all thought he was going mad. but he has always been great at convincing others. so finally we decided to record "whatever comes around" at our own risk. we had found a suitable studio (perfect sound/graz), where portnoy had just proved that it was possible to record a serious album. we started to record in january 1994 and did the final mixes late in july of the same year. naturally there sometimes were long intervals between our recording sessions and of course the perfect sound studio was far from being perfect. but we spent a great time there trying out whatever we wanted and thus recording the album WE liked.

whatever comes around

gŁnter: probably heuler's best song. pity we couldn't make a video, we wanted to tie him to a tree and have him sing the song upside down ...

Whatever comes around, whatever hits the ground
I will follow you. If I fall, you'll pick me up.
Whatever disappears that never could be here
I know you will bring it back, and you'll push it into my brain.

I don't count the days, just watch them passing by
Take another step, and then I'm far away

Those flowers can't corrode, but my body may explode
Into bits and pieces, and then you'll put them together again
Let's join the waterfalls. I hear the sirens call.
It goes deeper and deeper, nothing can stop me when you're by my side.

It seems you are bubbles boiling in my blood
I'm sinking slowly until I fade away

Lovely and sweet, it's a dreamlike, strange feeling
It lights me a star in the dark
To guide me outdoors into another room

Whatever comes around, I'm sure I won't be found
As you make me climbing high like a rocket into the sky.
Whatever comes around, whatever hits the ground,
I know I will follow you. And if I fall, you'll pick me up.

I don't count the days, just watch them passing by
Take another sip, and then I'm far away.

It makes me fade away
You make me fly ...

you confuse me

gŁnter: marc came along with this song just a few weeks before the recording sessions started, so we were a bit under pressure arranging it. however, i'm glad we recorded it. it's great, especially the end, when the tambourine joins in: "hey, hey ..."

I hear you say it's not so easy
I hear you say that you are strong enough

Nothing happens, it never happened
could it be that there is something missing?

You confuse me - you confuse me

I get used to getting used to liking you
I'm getting used to that I got used to liking

You - like a kiss of life
like a taste of summer
You confuse me
You like a touch of love
like the smell of summer
You confuse me

I remember well, remember well, remember well
you confuse me, you confuse me
I'm sure the sun will shine, will you call me?
will you take your bike and take me

anywhere where the wind will blow us
nowhere we go

I hear you say, " I think it's time to stop this"

You - Love
not here, not now

swallow and smile

gŁnter: when we recorded this song, they told me to leave out all the dead notes i was playing. first i didn't want to, but when finally even my girlfriend started persuading me, i changed my mind. and i'm glad i did. those first takes must have been terrible.

Caught in a mousetrap, trapped in a fishing-net
There's something in my way
I can't move forward, I can't move backward
It seems I've got to stay

Lost in a dead end, sinking in quick-sand
I'm riding for a fall
I get excited, you seem delighted
I'm with my back to the wall

So swallow me, I'll smile
Cause I can't fight my way
Not even if I tried
So swallow me, I'll smile

Pinned to a billboard, under the hangman's sword
I feel as on a tray
Who comes to cut the noose? Who'd wanna be in my shoes
Who's here to save the day?

"You won't get far, so stay where you are
And there's no place to hide where I wouldn't find you
Smile - it won't take long
Relax - there's nothing wrong"
No, you won't get me alive!!!

soon/seven to one

gŁnter: isn't it beautiful? this is one of the songs i'm really proud of, even though i didn't contribute that much. but listen to the guitars or the lyrics! this could even have worked on the radio if we hadn't been stupid enough to stick the intro "soon" to the beginning of the song. so all the important people at the radio stations who might have liked it probably never heard seven to one because they skipped the song before it even started.

Soon it's a bad night, and a cold snake sleeping in my neck, in my brain, like a tight rope in my face, in my hand rubber barrel of a gun, like a trunk, sure I'm drunk, and you bees in my knees, an owl on my shoulder, you a diviner talking in the sleep to the marrow of the bones, drink your nightcap slowly, it's jetblack outside, I count on you, time out of mind, and on and on from

7 tries can be hard when you always miss your guess

6 ages full of light and shade

5 seconds can be long when you hope that she says I love you and still we try

4 steps and you feel life is a bag of tricks

3 times I walked into the trap

2 years can be long when you hope that she waits when you're gone and still we try

1 single smile is enough to lose the way
1 single kiss is enough to go astray but maybe it's forever and
1 day

the gnome

gŁnter: i like the scream at the end. heuler had screams like this in almost each of his songs those days. the best of them all was in "beast from water". you should have heard that one! pity we never recorded it. gerhard, who used to take photos of our gigs exactly knew when the screams were to come and used to be waiting for them with his camera ready. there must be countless snapshots of heuler screaming. you probably won't find any photos from the early years where heuler keeps his mouth closed.

Wakes up in the night, sun doesn't shine
Even if there's no light, he doesn't mind
He leaves his wooden chamber
Tonight he's gonna have some fun

Shrouded in his coat that keeps him dry
Jumping like a goat, don't ask me why
He starts to light a fire
And strikes up his favourite tune:

"Nobody knows my secret
No one will ever know
I won't blab out for money
I wouldn't tell for gold!"

Bubbles in a pot as he prepares his meal
A thimble full of wine, now his head's a wheel
He's dancing 'round the fire
And sings his favourite song:

raspberry surprise

gŁnter: before marc joined the trainleaders we played together in his band "the food". we played cover versions of famous songs like "food vibrations", "hey food", "in the food", "norwegian food" or "the food on the hill". but there were also a lot of original compositions which were all recipies, especially for cakes and sweets. when marc finally joined in in 1990, we played almost all of them. heuler's favourite has always been "coconut rock cake"; but in the end we decided on recording "raspberry surprise" which, in my opinion, is the better of the two. i wrote the second verse by accident when i tried to write a new song and finally found myself playing this one. so we included my tune into "raspberry surprise" and therefore i sing the second verse, making this song the only one in which marc and i share the lead vocals.

A little secret made of any sweet fruit juice
banana, orange - a good many - do as you choose
something to nibble for your granny

a little vice
Raspberry surprise
Now serve it
and taste it if you want to
It's sweet
A perfect dream of colour and cream
A perfect dream of colour and cream
heaven-born - heaven-sent

Apples, pears or peaches - you can take just what you want
Strawberries or cherries - just the same
Anyway it's perfect, it's a purple paradise

painted faces

gŁnter: i wrote this song when i was 18. i had just read "the lord of the flies" and was so enthusiastic about it that i wanted to set the whole book to music (which i finally did). "painted faces" was the first song i wrote in this context and was originally in a 3/4-time. but heuler didn't seem too happy about "the waltz", so i turned it into a 5/4. i'm still convinced that it was this song that made us win a local competition and thus finally started our (at least local) career. heuler played acoustic guitar, clemens, our first drummer, played tambourine and manfred, our keyboarder, and i played the recorder. and without big changes this has been one of our live highlights for ten years. when it came to recording this song we rearranged it completely, but i've always had the impression that people prefer the live arrangement.

When the sun is rising, we'll be out to fight
Leave behind us peace and quiet of the night
Like a tribe of natives won't forget their roots
Hunters must go hunting, can't live eating fruits

Painted faces and long hair, sunburned skin and soily
Following traces in the air, camouflaged and oily

Through the jungle, slinking, don't know dread and fear
Freedom is for us what for drunkards is the beer
Like a free-born parakeet, dancing towards the sky
Locked up in a golden cage will surely die

happy mother's day

gŁnter: this has always been a real winner. i remember playing it the first time at the old TIB the night before mother's day. there were petals raining from the ceiling and everybody was screaming with fun. we had made a special construction to let the petals rain down on the audience, but where would we find the petals? so we collected them in a small park in front of the train station and were almost arrested.

Mama, I am skinny
Mama, I am weird
Mama, I'm a wayward son
I don't take after you

Mama, I am nasty
Mama, I am strange
Mama, do you think I'm spoiled?
Mama, are you scared?

My condolence
I agree
I'm naughty
no shining light
I'm not my Mama's pride
no, not at all...

Mama here I am, Mama here I am, Mama...

But I swear:
I mend my ways Ma, wait and see
what a lovely darling boy I'll be!

Happy, Happy Mother's Day
Happy, my congratulations

take me on a trip

gŁnter: heuler and i wrote this together. i had a verse, he had a chorus, so we simply put them together without even changing the key. and they fitted. i always wanted it to sound like a late-sixties-byrd song. don't know if i succeeded, but i still like it.

Take me on a trip, over fire and over water
Close your eyes and dive in deep
All I know, all I really, really know
Is where we go, we have to go

We're on a magic carpet ride
We're in this crazy side-by-side
Upside down and all around
So come and take me on a trip

Take me on a trip, take me on your magic carpet
Through the clouds we face the sun
All I know, all I know
We will take off tonight

Close your eyes or look behind
You can even fly it blind
I don't mind
Take me on a trip

Take me on a trip, take me on a trip
Take me on a trip tonight
Tonight, tonight, tonight...

the genius

gŁnter: funny and weird. just like heuler. i think this was his first really good song. he must have written it in 1986. we played it first in 1989 and kept playing it for more than five years.

Born as a test-tube-try, became a handsome guy
A success to create the perfect man
So see me here I am!
Childhood was not too bad to spend in a science-lab
They kept me safe and warm
And brought me into splendid form

Well me, I'm the genius
Me, I'm the genius
Me, I'm the genius
An awful lot of wires run around my head

Wrote at the age of two, in maths I got the clou
Was taught to talk in French and Greek
Chinese took me a week
Einstein was my best friend, we joined the same old band
The Daily Mail awarded twice
to me the Crossword-Puzzle-Prize

'Cause me, I'm the genius
Me, I'm the genius
Me, I'm the genius
I listen to the music playing in my head

Painting pictures blue and red
Writing poems makes me glad
I'm no Lord, but I'm smart instead, hey

Calleidoscopes run in my mind, inventiveness is not hard to find
Everything just takes one look
My brain's a memo-book
But adult's age has spread its wings, to get a job's no easy thing
At last they offered me something nice
And left me a computer's place

Well me, I'm the genius
Me, I'm the genius
Me, I'm the genius
Even if they think that I'm a little mad
Yes, I'm the genius, genius, genius!

rusty randolph

gŁnter: another live favourite. one night we were playing at a club in vienna and after a 3-hours show we were really tired. we were already changing clothes in the cloakroom behind the stage, but the audience didn't stop crying for more. so we threw some clothes onto the stage to show them we were already undressing and wouldn't play another encore. the clothes, however, didn't make them stop. they started shouting even louder. more clothes. more applause. we finally ended the gig playing "naked randolph" in our underwear.

Lazy, the way that he moves
So slowly and shy
Maybe he is just waiting that life passes by
Crazy a bolt from the blue
His body seems to sigh
Tell me why

Randolph, suddenly life has got a surprise for you
Rusty Randolph - You're one of the chosen
Rusty Randolph - You're one of the few
in former lives you hadn't been a nail
No, but rust eats, rust eats you up

Mercy, it came to him suddenly
Though he can't hurt a fly
Only in a split second his feelings ran high
Lonely, no fellows in misery
But never, never say die
Tell us why

where's the shore

gŁnter: in the beginning of the nineties i liked playing around with 5/4 or 7/4-times. this one's a 11/8 and I've always been very proud of it. i've already regarded it as a sort of sailors' song, but i think i'd like it even more if pogues-singer shane mcgowan or tom waits sang it instead of me.

One and another half a mile to go
Just a stone's throw to the shore
With the wind in our backs and God on our side
We'll be home in a little more

Seven seas we've travelled in our seven years on the roam
So much left to be unravelled, but now it's good we're going home

One and another half a mile to go...

We've sailed a race with the Titanic, traced the Flying Dutchman down
Everyone was struck with panic whenever we would come around

Ho , hey, ho, home we go, home we go
Ho , hey, ho, home we go
We cocked snooks at the wind and the waves
And all the saints would turn in their graves
When we started swearing, but that's gone, we go home!
C'mon, tell me now, mate, where's the shore?

It's just one and another half a mile away
Just a stone's throw...

All the men are rowing, and the sails bulge in the wind
Yes, we're faster than we've ever been
But it seems we're standing still

Ho, hey, ho, home we go, home we go
Ho, hey, ho, home we go
We cocked snooks at the waves and the wind
Every day was a feast, was a binge
Oh, but something is wrong, I can feel it in my toe
C'mon, tell me now, mate, where's the shore?
Where's the shore?!?!?!

It's still one and another half a mile away
And that's a long way to the shore
One and another half a mile away
No, we'll never reach the shore

hold on

gŁnter: a bit pathetic maybe. we played it as final song in some of our gigs, but undisciplined as we were (and still are) it always turned into total chaos on stage, so it fell out of the live program rather soon.

Sail along - mind my circles
I can fly on my own, die on my own
All along - vicious circle
But I bet our destination must be just around the bend

I know that even if I count the doors and days
Miles, countless miles we travelled
It will come allright

Carry on - Hold on - Hold your way, the seeds are sown

Get along - don't try my patience
I can stand on my own, fall on my own
Come along - keep your head
But I bet our destination must be just around the bend

hooray, it's over

gŁnter: the ideal last song for every trainleaders show and big fun to play. we had already recorded it in 1989 for the sampler "das zelt" but i'm glad we tried it a second time.

Fields and farms and houses like a pattern on a rug
Trains and trucks and cows and cars like earthworms, ants and bugs
I'll be queuing up soon for a ticket to the moon
And I'll get it when the day is done
Hope the angels' harps are tuned, I wanna have some fun
And I sing:

Hooray, it's over
Hooray, it's over

Fields come nearer, houses grow, the carpet was a rug
Worms are trains, the ants are cars and cows grow from the bugs
I'll exchange these fleshly things for a brand-new pair of wings
And my blue jeans for a night-shirt all in white
Please, reserve a cloud for me, a halo for this saint-to-be !
And I really wanna have some fun
And I sing:

Hooray, it's over
Hooray, it's over

I'm so glad to know, I'm so glad to know, I'm so glad to know
So glad that it's over

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