this is us

well, here we are, sitting in the middle of nowhere, in this case meaning graz, austria, europe (no kangaroos, sorry). playing in a rock band here is a bit like selling vacuum-cleaners in the desert - rather pointless. but we don't care. there's always songs that WANT to be written, and as soon as we've written them we're so proud of them that we have to play and record them. difficult enough, having three songwriters in the band, each of us always in search of the perfect pop song.
we're said to be a good live band and we think we really are: 3 singers, 2 guitars, bass, drums, here we go, always having a good time. during the last years we haven't spent much time on stage together, but written the songs for our fourth cd instead. and we LOVE them. we don't know whether we're going to sell many, but we really don't care. it will be a great record! we hope you'll enjoy listening to our music as much as we did writing and playing it.

michael willmann
gŁnter hohl
marcus heider

i was 14 years old when i first heard the beatles "let it be" album and these songs changed my life completely. not only did i want to play beatles tunes on my guitar but within weeks tried to write songs of my own. i like playing live and i like recording songs, but what really fascinating me is being creative:
writing and arranging songs, always trying to take myself away to a new world with my own music.

i was eleven years old when i fell in love with agnetha of abba · when i first heard the beatles my intended career changed from astronaut to rockstar · i think it's better to sit when you take a shower than to stand when you take a bath · the best 3 rock concerts i've ever seen were peter gabriel, rem ("green"-tour), laurie anderson and ac/dc · i believe in life before death · i feel better when i'm by the seaside · books are friends · i like to sleep on a cold pillow · sometimes i have to climb a mountain

in the early days, when gŁnter asked me to join his band, the only song i could perform properly was "get back" by the beatles, in fact i did not care - neither did he, i think. from then the number of songs i was on to play increased rapidly, and soon i started to write songs of my own. i will always remember the moments on stage, when we did what we used to call "drum cooking" - jumping or throwing one of the others into the drums kit. my influences during the last years: arctic monkeys, the raconteurs and franz ferdinand

i like rock music from britain. it's more sophisticated than the american stuff. one of my favourite drummers is keith moon. he's like a big child and he takes a lot of risks. he was living and performing on the edge.
it's good to be in the band and pushing it forward!

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